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Oral Sedation - Anxiolytics for Dental Phobias and Anxiety


The thought of dental treatment elicits anxiety in many patients, but for some it is an overwhelming fear. Some patients have had a traumatic experience in the past or some have never even been to a dentist. There are many reasons why someone may experience this anxiety, our dentists at Florey Dental are trained to discuss these concerns with patients. We aim to deliver our best patient care in all aspects of your dental visit. 


We do offer patients oral sedation for patients undergoing major dental treatment who have an overwhelming anxiety. This is delieved in the form of an oral tablet taken in our waiting room 30-60mins before your appointment. It removes anxiety and causes drowsiness so you would need someone to take you to and from your dental appointment. The effects may last for upto 24 hours depending on dose and patient characteristics. 


Our dentists can explain how this may work for you.


So do not fear the dentist, Call us on 02 6258 2255 to book your initial consultation and we can create a treatment plan for you.

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