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Oral Hygiene for kids

Good oral hygiene is one of the most important lessons a child needs to master in order to have a healthy and happy smile.


As soon as teeth erupt into the mouth, usually at around 6 months of age, we must start cleaning their teeth twice a day.

As the child matures they may start brushing their teeth, but the child should be carefully monitored, and it is best if a parent finishes off the brushing. The Australian Dental Association recommended the First dental check up 12 months of age, then 6 monthly or as specified.


Young children cannot spit out after brushing, so we must use ultra low fluoride containing childrens' toothpaste, a small pea size will do.


Flossing should be introduced around the age of 3, once their teeth start to touch each other, flossing is best done every night before brushing.


Children learn best by watching their role models, so it is important the child sees their mother and father brushing twice a day and flossing every night. The tell-show-do technique can be used to learn many things, but it is especially useful in dental care. We can tell the child what we are doing and why, then show them how it is done, then perform the action.


Positive reinforcement is very effective in children. Praise your child after he/she has cleaned their teeth well, "wow you have beautiful clean teeth, well done!"



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