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Teeth Whitening/Lightening (Zoom, Pola)


There are two types of whitening procedures available to patients; In-Chair (In office) or Take home kit. In chair whitening is done with the patient in the dental chair for a little over an hour. The results are usually immediate and this provides patients with the fastest result. We use Philips Zoom Whitespeed for optimal results. The take home kit requires an impression of the upper and lower teeth to be made then custom trays to be processed. These trays and Pola whitening gel will be given to patients to use every night for 30mins for about two to three weeks. Best results are obtained by using both systems. You should consult your dentist whether either of these procedures are suitable for you. Best results are obtained if whitening is done soon after a thorough scale and clean. Healthfund rebates may apply. Call us to ask about our latest Whitening Offer

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