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Dental Implants 


Implants are a restorative option for persons who are missing a tooth or multiple teeth. Implants are Titanium Metal devices surgically placed into the upper or lower jaw bones. The human body subsequently forms a strong attachment with the titanium, upon which we can place crowns, bridges or dentures. An implant can be used to replace a single missing tooth. Two Implants can be placed a certain distance apart and a bridge can be placed, to provide a large biting surface. This is useful when there is a large space to be replaced. Multiple Implants can be placed to provide support for a Super Structure (name given to a long bridge with many teeth). Multiple Implants can be placed to provide a firm support for a denture. Sometimes dentures that just rest on the soft tissue are uncomfortable, loose and not retentive enough to function. 


Florey Dental Care is proud to present our patients in Greater Belconnen, Canberra exceptional dental implant services. There are two components to Dental Implant treatment. The surgical stage and the restorative stage. The surgical stage involves placement of dental implant/s and bone graft materials, whereas the restorative stage involves placement of the ceramic crown or bridge on top of the implant/s. Most surgical and restorative phases are performed at our clinc, however on occasion when a large bone graft is required the surgical phase may be performed in conjunction with a specialist surgeon.


Dental Implant surgery maybe done in one or two stages. In the One stage surgery (this usually applies to posterior teeth) the implant is placed into the bone and a titanium button (healing abutment) is placed. During healing (usually 2-3 months) the titanium healing abutment is visible in the mouth. When Two stage surgery is performed, the implant is placed in the same fashion, but a titanium lid ( cover screw) is placed over the implant and the gums are stitched over the implant entirely. So during healing the implant is not visible in the mouth. This is usually performed in the upper anterior region of the mouth, to increase the predictability of aesthetic outcomes.


Accurate treatment plan and quote can be provided at your initial consultation. Call us today on (02) 6258 2255



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